Paying is no longer a step, it’s an experience that enhances customer satisfaction. Build customised payment paths and strengthen your customers’ loyalty.

Adapted payment solutions

Give your customers the freedom to choose and use their preferred payment methods, and turn your visitors into loyal customers! Thanks to our wide range of payment solutions, you can meet the expectations and habits of your customers and target markets.


Advanced features

With options such as a private wallet (for saving and re-using customer cards and accounts), multi-payments and an integrated credit simulator, you’ll convert even more visitors into customers.


A payment path for each of your customers

At Purse, we believe that payment is about recognition. With our personalised approach, each customer will have their own payment path adapted to their usage and, above all, their needs. Thanks to our powerful eligibility tool, we can tailor each payment path to your customer’s profile, shopping basket and even delivery method. The result? Unrivalled customer satisfaction! Boost your sales by offering the right payment method, to the right customer, in the right purchasing context.


Paying is becoming a memorable experience

Paying is no longer a mere step. Fully customise this stage of the itinerary to reflect your corporate image and your personal highlights. Create the payment page with payment forms that look just like you.

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Our enhanced features

Multi-payment feature

The multi-payment functionality offers a flexible payment experience to customers, allowing them to pay for their purchases using a variety of prepaid payment methods, such as gift cards, prize pools, meal vouchers, and to top up with any other payment method of their choice (bank cards, easy payment e-wallets, bank transfers etc.). This gives customers choice and freedom, while increasing your average basket!

Integrated credit simulator

With the credit simulator integrated into the payment widget, customers get a full picture of the costs and terms of a loan without being redirected to another page, enabling them to make an informed decision trouble-free.

Private wallet

The private wallet allows customers to securely store all their personal payment cards, making it easy for them to pay for their purchases.

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