Test, optimise and secure your payment flows maximise acceptance of your transactions

Boost your success rate with Retry

Our Retry feature offers an extra opportunity for success!

In the event of an error, the transaction is automatically retried with another partner, optimising your acceptance rate without the need for additional intervention. With Purse, you benefit from improved performance and a smooth payment experience for your customers.


Secure your turnover

Thanks to our backup functions, we can intelligently route transactions to the substitute service provider you have set up in the event of a technical problem.

This enables you to increase the number of approved payments and therefore sales.


Optimise your transaction costs with card routing

To optimise your acquisition costs, opt for card routing and direct transactions to the most appropriate payment service provider and acquirer. Encourage on-us transactions and maximise your acceptance rate. You can be sure that every transaction will be processed in the best possible way, with Purse there to help you.


Test and learn

We believe in innovation and continuous improvement!

Our Split functionality lets you compare and analyse the performance of providers and payment methods by dividing up flows. This allows you to test new solutions without compromising the security of your payments. At Purse, we are always ready to innovate to offer you the best payment experience.

Our enhanced features

PCI DSS certified

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a standard that applies to all players in the electronic payment chain: anyone who processes, sends and stores payment card information is affected.

3D Agnostic

As a 3D Agnostic provider, we facilitate the authentication process for online transactions while ensuring compliance with established security standards. This enhances the customer experience and reduces friction in payments while complying with regulatory requirements for online payment security.

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