is a unified payments platform built on proprietary technology, combining the payment gateway, risk management tool, acquiring, and transaction processing. More than 1,600 merchants worldwide use's API to tailor a payment solution to their needs - to boost acceptance rates worldwide, capture optimization opportunities through granular transactional data and dedicated tracking, and unlock new revenue streams by offering their customers their preferred payment methods.

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Founded in 2012 and now with +2000 specialists in 19 offices worldwide,'s mission is to enable businesses and their ecosystems to thrive in the digital economy. With our scalable technology, our customers - retailers, fintech, gaming and gambling companies, cryptocurrency players, and service platforms - easily add the functionality they need, manage risk and fraud, and take advantage of new payment methods that enable them to expand into a multitude of new markets. Our dedicated teams of local experts worldwide help them improve their payment performance, navigate the regulatory landscape and easily adopt new business models. Our BIN helps merchants increase conversion rates and reduce payment processing costs across over 150 countries.

Les avantages majeurs de la solution

Better conversion rates thanks to our licenses (BINs) and our local entities around the world
Transparent view of your fees and costs
No loss of revenue with a complete view of granular data throughout the payment life cycle
Enhanced risk and fraud protection without loss of revenue

Les avantages d'une connexion avec Purse

Test Checkout in plug-in and play mode
Take advantage of's international coverage
Access granular reporting in the dashboard

Parcours de paiement

I choose my payment method

I authenticate myself

My order is confirmed

The merchant views the payment on the dashboard

Technical sheet


- Covered markets : International - Currencies : international


Store, E-commerce

Payment methods

- Cards, Wallets, APMs - Split payment


- 3D Secure - Fraud module - Chargeback management

Recurring transactions


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Become a partner

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