Easy2Play is the omnichannel solution that allows merchants to create, deploy, and manage their digital gift card program on their e-commerce site in order to increase traffic, boost sales, and retain customers.

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Easy2Play is a solution from Global P.O.S, the French leader in simple and intuitive software solutions, entirely dedicated to the dematerialization of prepaid vouchers and gift card programs, the acceptance of new payment methods, and the management and animation of points of sale.

In 2015, Global P.O.S created Easy2Play, a unique omnichannel solution for managing prepaid vouchers and alternative payments, to accelerate the deployment of innovative solutions geared toward new retail trends and optimize the in-store and online customer journey in France and abroad. More than 80 major retailers have already adopted it!

Les avantages majeurs de la solution

Quickly deploy a secure, international gift card program
Offer fully customizable phygital support (messages, photos, videos)
Develop your business by connecting to major B2B players (CSE, resellers, incentives, multi-brand, etc.)
Manage the dematerialization of paper vouchers (restaurant vouchers, purchase vouchers, etc.) in a unique and intuitive backoffice

Les avantages d'une connexion avec Purse

Offer multi-payment, allowing end customers to pay part of the shopping cart with a gift card and pay the balance with a credit card
The e-merchant reconciles the different payments used on a single transaction in a single report

Parcours de paiement

Display of my cart

I choose to pay by gift card

I can pay part of the shopping cart with a gift card and the rest with a credit card

Technical sheet


- International covered markets - Currency: Euro


E-Commerce, store

Payment methods

- Mono and multi-sign gift card - Split payment


- 3D Secure - Fraud module - Chargeback management


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Become a partner

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