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Optimize your payments with Purse and PayPal

Innovation and simplicity: discover PayPal's new features with Purse

At Purse, we always strive to innovate and enhance the payment solutions we offer to merchants. As one of the key players, PayPal has been part, since the launch of Purse, of the solutions we offer to merchants.

PayPal, one of the global payment leaders widely known for its PayPal wallet, introduced a "Pay Later" feature, Paiement en 4X*, giving French PayPal users the option to defer the payment of their purchases without any additional fees.

At Purse, we are committed to keeping up with the product developments of our partners and have made this feature available to our merchants.

We are also working with PayPal to build our best final customer experiences. In this regard, Purse offers to merchants an integration of PayPal in context, which means keeping the final customer in the payment page of the website, without any redirection.

Our collaboration with PayPal thus helps strengthens our ability to offer diversified and tailored payment solutions for customer needs.

Purse is dedicated to simplifying your transactions, allowing you to benefit from our latest innovations in the sector. We invite you to discover PayPal's new features and to explore how Purse can help you optimize your payment processes.

*Paiement en 4X is a form of credit. Availability is subject to merchant status, industry, and integration. Consumer eligibility is subject to approval by PayPal. See product terms and conditions Terms and conditions for more details.

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Innovation and simplicity: discover PayPal's new features with Purse

Discover PayPal's new features with Purse

22 mai 2024


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