Our history & values

Founded in 2021 by retail and payment experts, Purse is the only French fintech positioned in the promising payment orchestration market.

Customer satisfaction at the heart of our strategy

In an ever-changing world, payments have become much more than a simple step. At Purse, we’re convinced that payments are a customer satisfaction experience and a key player in your growth.

We’re merchants at heart and firmly believe in the power of payments to grow your business. Payments strengthen the relationship with your customers, helping you to know and identify them better so you can keep them happy more effectively.

At Purse, we give you that renewed understanding.

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Our vision

At Purse, we’re committed every day to ensuring that every payment is not the end but the beginning of the next chapter in the story between you and your customers.

Our history and milestones


Creation of UpStream Pay

Founded by retail and payment experts, UpStream Pay is born of a deep-seated belief in the critical importance of payments in the buying experience.


Roll-out & going live

Success! Our technology is ready for market launch, and we record our first successfully orchestrated transactions!


On the road to acceleration!

There’s no stopping us: we work alongside major retailers with over €4.5 billion worth of transactions orchestrated every year. In September, we write a new chapter in our history to reinforce our vision and our values. UpStream Pay becomes Purse. UpStream Pay becomes Purse.


European leader in orchestration

On the road to the future

Our values

In addition to supporting the growth of our customers and fulfilling our mission with meaning and passion, we hold the following values dear:

Passionate expertise

We’re true payment experts, with a wealth of experience and high-level qualifications. Our passion is contagious. Always looking for new challenges, we enjoy learning alongside the best in the business.


Every individual is unique and valuable to us. Everyone is encouraged to express their ideas and opinions freely; that’s our strength! We build relationships with our customers and partners based on trust and integrity. Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our sincere and rewarding interactions.

Collective energy

In our teams, we know that there’s strength in numbers! Working together and helping each other is what drives us to be stronger and more effective together. We cultivate a warm and friendly atmosphere, where sharing and fun are the order of the day.

Close to you

Active listening is our top priority! We really care about what our customers, partners and employees have to say. Together, we build lasting relationships based on open and constructive dialogue.

Our expertise and networks of experts at your service

We’re a team of over 65 passionate talents from the retail and payment industries. We also surround ourselves with the biggest players and firms of payment experts. This unique combination feeds our tech and product skills. It keeps us at the forefront of the latest market trends, and together we can strengthen your competitive edge.

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Our offices

Our offices are conveniently located, close to train and underground stations, the V’Lille bike station, cycle paths, main roads etc.

Au 67 rue de Luxembourg 59777 Lille

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