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How do Decathlon and Purse work together?


A leading company in the sports market, DECATHLON brings together two activities: designing technical products, providing innovative services and offering them online and in stores.

2,193 stores
57 countries
A turnover of 4.7 billion euros in 2022
Digital represents 15% of turnover


In order to develop its growth, DECATHLON is accelerating its international development through the opening of new countries. Its objective: to offer a choice of partners and local payment methods in order to meet customer needs. Local choice of payment methods is a priority. In a context where the weight of digital is increasingly important, DECATHLON is committed to securing the activity thanks to functionalities such as backup.

A real push for our international and local acceleration

We are delighted to work with Purse, thanks to them we have accelerated the implementation of international and local payment methods

photo Romain Taillade

Romain Taillade

CTO @Decathlon

photo Romain Taillade

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